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Chanmag Total Solution for Bakery Machine

Our creates custom-made production line with respective planning & designing to meet demand of each customer.

CHANMAG Bakery Machine Co., Ltd. has been in existence since 1979, categorized as the manufacturer of bakery machine for more than three decades.

Our head office and manufacturing infrastructure are located in the capital city of Taiwan. Over the years, CHANMAG has grown into with regional offices throughout the South Eastern countries; Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, China, and with increasing distributing channels in the U.S.A and European markets.

We have effectively sponsored countless manufacturers in Taiwan, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, and more in establishing and growing each clients production facility from scratch. Currently, CHANMAG occupied more than 70% of the local markets in Taiwan with customers using our bakery equipment.

1. Designing & Planning for Bakery Plant Equipment (for bakery shop, central baking factory)
2. Highest quality products organization for CE approved. ISO9001:2009 certified by SGS quality assurance standard.
3. The creation of 20 years experience in baking machinery brand, Founded baking team can hardware and software of integration service.

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